Beautiful lamp

Adam on Dec 16, 2016

I'm really pleased with this lamp from 122 Design. It has giving my living room a unique light. I ordered in Copper which was originally used in the Langelinie Pavillonen and is my favourite version. Good quality

It fit my living room perfect!

Line Smith on Nov 30, 2016

What a stunning chair in our living, it fit perfectly. Quality is above standard. will come back!

Helpful livechat

David Smith on Nov 30, 2016

Pleased with the help I received on the liveChat by Peter

Identical with Original

Jack on Jul 25, 2016

I have bought both the blue cashmere egg chair and the swan chair (same color) for our daughters new flat. The design is awesome, you have to arrange delivery yourself as they aren't allow to ship outside Ireland. Sounds as a pain but its super easy and cost 60€ for delivery to Frederiksberg with DSV, took two days.

Great Service, they keep their promise

Julie on Jul 25, 2016

The quality is amazing, it was ready after 6 weeks (not 6 months!). Really happy with the chair.

Helpfull staff!

Elisabeth on Jul 25, 2016

I was unsecure about choosing Italian leather or go for the Danish cashmere, but got help on their live chat, they really know about their details. 122 Design is truly a heaven if you love cheap high quality stylish furnitures for your home.

Really Good Quality

Richard on Jul 25, 2016

I ordered my Egg Chair with Black Italian leather last month and have now received it. I'm really please with the seams and the attention to the details. The service was good, there was a nice catalog with the package and how best practice after care. Worth to sign up for their newsletters, they send out good inspiration emails.

Great service!

Johan on Dec 16, 2016

Had to change the colour after, and that was super easy. I spoke to David on the LiveChat and they quickly changed it. Really good aftercare, appreciate it was easy to get in touch with them and they solved my issue quickly, even on a Sunday. Now I have 4 lovely white chairs in my living room, they look beautiful and just in time for Christmas!

Really good quality, friendly livechat!

Louise on Dec 16, 2016

Always wanted the y chair for our new kitchen. Great quality (this was actually why I bought from 122 Design) and good support after my order. Smart with the livechat, I used that before I finally made up my mind. I think a lot of online furniture store could learn something from 122 Design!

Virkelig flot!

Elsie on Jul 09, 2016

People who pay the original price, must feel stupid. There is no difference, and the quality is really amazing at 122 Design


Elizabeth on Jul 09, 2016

Really good quality

High quality

Eleanor on Jun 09, 2016

But pleasantly purprised with the quality and it looks really nice in our house. I had to arrange my own delivery, it might sounds complicated and expensive but its not. When the product is about to be ready, they contact you. It took me 5 min and cost 39 euro for a lounge chair.


Edith on Jun 09, 2016

Just a little tips, speak to one of their advisors on livechat before you buy. I revieved 10% off!

Great support!

Dorothy on May 09, 2016

I just want to make everyone aware, that the detailed quality of this lamp is just amazing. There is no difference in this one or what you can buy in e.g. Louis Poulsen, except you are saving a LOT of money. Ohh well, 122 Design is also open in the weekends. 6 weeks from ordered to ready!

Same as original, just cheaper

Doris on May 09, 2016

Really easy process. received what i order really quickly.

Just a little tips

Donna on Apr 10, 2016

Speak to one of their advisors on livechat before you buy. I revieved 10% off!


Diane on Mar 10, 2016

As expected. Very good quality, delivery took 6 weeks.

Just a little tips

Debra on Feb 10, 2016

My favorite chair. Bought two with my husband for their hunting house. We went for Walnut (a bit more expensive) but really nice quality.

Flot kvalitet

Deborah on Feb 09, 2016

Excellent Service and most importantly: perfect furniture. A bit of wait though.

Just a little tips

Dawn on Jan 09, 2016

I have ordered different designs inspired by the designer Eames and I gotta say there are all individually great, there is a nice finish to each of the designs and it is really easy to assemble. I thought first that all of them would be delivered assembled but the DSW and DAW comes in two part the feet and seat separate, but to be honest there is nothing as simple as those to build. Regarding the service, not a lot of follow up on order maybe this is something 122 Design could improve but apart from that I am just happy!

Poul Henningsen's Designer Lamps

Poul Henningsen's Designer Lamps

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Are you looking for a classic PH lamp, but you’re wondering which one should you get for your home? PH lamps are among the most popular in Denmark, and in addition to the world-famous classics like the Artichoke or the Snowball lamp, the famous designer is also behind a large number of other table, ceiling, wall and floor lamps which are considered icons of modern Danish design.

Pendants - PH Ceiling Lamps

Composite shades are one of the most prominent characteristics of PH’s pendant lamps. While the Artichoke and the Snowball certainly are the most recognizable, Henningsen’s ceiling lamps include a whole series of three-shade designs like '3½ - 3', '3/2', '4½ - 4', '2/1', '5 - 4½ ',  'Stem Fitting' and '3/2 Academy'. They all have unique lighting design with three shades which carefully direct the light without creating glare. Furthermore, the Stem Fitting and the Academy are also available in a chandelier model, with several three-shade lights put together.

PH-5 pendant is one of Henneingsen’s most famous ceiling lamps and widely considered a prime example of Danish designer lamps. It is available in Classic variant, as well as in a variety of colours – red, wasabi green, army green, pink, mint blue, and of course, the classic black, white and grey for a minimalistic décor style.

You can also find '5 - 4½ ' and version '50' PH ceiling lamps with the same design and comfortable lighting.

You can place one of these designer pendant lamps above your dining table, not just for the stylish look, but also for their practical value. The dining table is, for many people, the place in the home where they spend most of their time, both during the meals, and while doing homework, or just relaxing and talking, so it’s essential to have a comfortable light source which is both glare-free and aesthetically pleasing. Poul Henningsen’s pendants fulfil both of these requirements.

If you want a small pendant over the coffee table or a side table you could consider the small and elegant 2/1 pendant. And for the stylish and elegant look, you can choose PH’s crowning achievement, the Artichoke lamp.

PH Anniversary Copper Lamp

In addition to the regular PH lamps, we offer some rarer versions, so-called limited editions which are now considered collectables. As with other designer furniture and lamps, a special version in limited edition is usually produced on the anniversaries of the original release. One example is the special version of the 3½-3 pendant made of copper in celebration of 120 years from Poul Henningsen’s birth. This pendant was available at Louis Poulsen from March 1st to May 30th, 2013 and its limited number makes this model extremely sought after among collectors.

The Wall Lamps

Among the designs from the three-shade family, you can find a number of wall lamps in different sizes, such as '3-2½', '3/2' and '2/1' wall. There are variants in the same colours, materials and shade sizes as the rest of the family which share the same basic design.

These lamps are perfect as bedside lighting or as a reading light next to a sofa. Some of the most popular designs include the Wall or PH Hat, designed in 1961.

Floor Lamps

In PH’s three-shade series, you can find multiple floor lamps, perfect for your living room or even your office. You might consider getting his 4½-3½ and 3½-2½ floor lamps, which share Henningsen’s iconic design and are comfortable, functional, yet stylish and aesthetically beautiful light sources.

PH 4½-3½ 'Glass Floor Lamp' has following dimensions: Diameter 450mm and height 1250mm.

PH 3½-2½ 'Floor' has the dimensions: Diameter 330mm and height 1300mm.

The floor lamps are, like the other PH lamps, available in black, white, copper, red and other colours, depending on the specific model.

Outdoor PH Lamps

Despite the fact that Poul Henningsen mostly designed lamps for usage in the interior of rooms, in line with his lifelong goal of changing the way people use and think about lighting in their homes, he also designed some outdoor models which are available in mentioned variants.

PH Lamps Prices

Poul Henningsen’s lamps are rarely on sale, and the prices for the originals from Louis Poulsen are relatively fixed. If you’re looking for a cheaper solution, you might consider buying either a second-hand model or a replica. To give an example, the classic PH 50 ceiling lamp is available for 4495kr. (£528 / $675) at Louis Poulsen, while the replica can be found at a significantly lower price.

Second-Hand Lamps

If you’re looking for a second-hand lamp, eBay or Lauritz might be good places to check out. You might get lucky enough to find a good offer, but the price of the second-hand models varies completely on the seller. Since you won’t get a guarantee, be sure to carefully check for scratches in the surface, cracks in the glass or other defects, so you don’t have to invest in spare parts afterwards. When going to check the lamp in person, always bring a working light bulb to see if the contacts are intact.

While it’s hard to tell the price in advance, since it can vary very much depending on the model, condition and the seller, but due to high demand, the second-hand original model is usually sold at around 20% less than the original price.

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